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Higher and higher…

Today bitkoyn has grown to 15 000 dollars, having risen on 3000 US dollars for one day. This is the largest one-day increase in the history of the currency. One bitkoyn can now be bought for more than 11 ounces of pure gold.

New billionaires, who are they?

According to The Telegraph, the twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklewoss became the first billionaires who were able to get their fortunes by buying bitcoins. The brothers invested $ 11 million in the crypto currency in 2013. At the time of purchase, the cost of one bitcoin reached $ 120. Already today, the cost of […]

Joseph Stiglitz: Bitcoin should be outlawed

Former world Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz is convinced that sooner or later bitcoin “should be outlawed”. He stated this in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “Bitcoin has gained such popularity only because of the potential for circumvention of [law] and lack of supervision. I think it needs to be outlawed. It has no socially […]

Why Bitcoin Continues Its Phenomenal Rise

Bitcoin continues its phenomenal surge in the financial trading market as it already reached the $9,000 per token mark as of late November 2017. The leading cryptocurrency was also traded at $10,000 in some markets. The sustained upward trajectory of the most popular cryptocurrency has continued to baffle both the virtual currency markets and the […]