Bitcoin is growing! Plank in 9500 is taken;)!

Bitcoin is growing! Plank in 9500 is taken;)!

Today bitokoyn officially hit a mark of $ 9,500.

Ironically, many expected the price to fall over the weekend, in part because of the closure of US banks. However, over the past week, there was a strong price increase, no lower than $ 8,000. Two times the price dropped briefly to $ 7,800, but these failures were quickly offset by growth.

Apparently, people did not just take advantage of Black Friday to buy TVs and electronics, but also stocked with bitocoins. Yesterday, the price started to rise, as the market began to increase volume, and today he overcame the next serious psychological barrier of $ 9,000.

Not all?
Many large financial analysts view Bitcoin as a bubble, the market showed no signs of a so-called “blow from above,” which means that a sudden and significant change is currently unlikely.

The next major obstacle and, perhaps, the biggest psychological barrier for all – 10 000 dollars. And most likely it will not be so difficult to break through, as one might think, given that the total cost of bitcoins and bitcoin cash already exceeds $ 10,000. That is, those who bought Bitcoin before August 1 and did not sell it have already earned quite a solid amount of money.

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